The Pier Head Time Warp Event

The Pier Head Time Warp was an  interactive video event by Re-Dock at the Museum of Liverpool on Saturday the 15th Oct.

We were asked by the Museum of Liverpool to run an activity that would get people working creatively with archive video, so we invented a time machine.

This time machine was in reality, a musical keyboard that through the magic of Isadora, could be used to trigger video, sound effects and audio memories relating to the Liverpool Pier Head.

Although we were aiming to appeal to people from 8 to 80, for the most part the people that really got into it were either 8 or 80.

I exaggerate here, but it did spark the interest of both young people and older adults at the same time, which is rare.

To older people we could ask,

“Have you got any memories of the Pier head that you’d like to share with us?”

As the Pier Head is such a well loved and iconic space we weren’t short of takers on this.


To young people we could say,

“Would you like a go of our time traveling keyboard?”

Obviously they said “Yes.”, so we then showed them which keys would trigger videos to play in which building, and which would overlay those videos with audio memories and sound effects.

It seems to be a bit of an inter generational few weeks for Re-Dock, as John  has been supporting young people in West Kirkby conduct video interviews with older members of their community as part of the ‘Honouring our elders’ project.

As I’m writing this I have just had an idea for a project that would synthesize the approaches of in depth interviews and VJ-ing, ‘Re-mixing Our Elders’

An Example of videos made using the ‘Pier Head Time Warp’ keyboard.

Audio recordings of peoples memories of the Pier Head that were used to narrate videos made on the day.


The Pier Head Time Warp

We are asking people of all ages from across Merseyside to come to the Museum of Liverpool on Saturday 15 October to get involved with an interactive filmmaking experiment which will be staged in The People’s Republic gallery offering fantastic views of the Pier Head.

The Pier Head Time Warp project aims to create a film that mixes old and new footage of the Pier Head together, to create a looping video mix that will take the audience on a journey through time.

If you have any old or new video footage of the Pier Head and would like to be involved in this collaborative video project, we are inviting you to contribute this so that it can be used during this family friendly event to create a new film.

Whether you have footage or not, and would like to take the role of editor during this unique film experience, pop along to the Museum of Liverpool between 12 and 4pm on Saturday 15 October to try your hand, using simple software to create something very special that will be shown on gallery during the day.

You can share your clips with us two ways…

If your video is online already

Email a link to your online video to this address

If your video isn’t online already, or you would like to send us video from your phone.

Attach it to an email to this address. Videos being emailed to this address must be under 20MB.

How will my video be used?

By sharing your video you will be giving us permission to use on the Pier Head Time Warp event on the 15th of October, so that families taking part will have the opportunity to create a unique video collage using the contributed video footage. Footage of the video created at the event will be archived as part of the Museums video collection.

The Pier Head Time Warp is a project by Re-Dock in collaboration with the Museum of Liverpool.

Examples we’re looking for.

We’re looking for some examples of archive video footage that people have to mix together showing different people’s points of view on the area.

Here’s a few we’ve been looking at:-


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